Welcome back to your 30 Day Reset!

 High five! Can you believe that you’ve completed 4 weeks of your 30 Day Reset? Tomorrow’s finish line is now in sight! Time flies when we’re having fun.

Today is another 3 part challenge! Today’s challenges will help you review, plan, de-stress and may even save you some money!

  • First, simply print out your well-being wheel and repeat the exercise that we did the first day together.

    Rate each area of your well-being. Compare how you feel now to then. Notice any changes that you’ve made - big or small. Any change is big change in my book!

After you’ve done this, write down what you’d like to make sure you continue doing in the weeks ahead as well as anything else you’d like to bring forward with you. Also write down what you learned about yourself and where your thinking is now .

  • Second, let’s take 30 minutes to reset our financial well-being.

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a pile somewhere of bills, papers, or documents related to your financial well-being that need to be filed, shredded or just dealt with in some manner. Or, maybe there is something else related to your financial well-being that you need to do that you’ve been procrastinating on until today.

Today’s challenge is to set a timer for 30 minutes. In that time, tackle a pile or get started on a project. You’ll feel so much better! Remember, financial well-being isn’t necessarily about how much money we have but rather knowing where we stand with what we do have. It can be scary to “look under the hood” sometimes but you’ll feel better after you do! I promise!

  • Your last part of the challenge is to simply take 10 minutes to do your daily stretch to reset your mind and body.

That’s all for today! Let's get today’s Sunday Reset done and then go have some more fun!

Don't forget to email me with your progress OR set up a time for us to chat to do a live check-in! Don’t forget, you’ve still your 30 Day 30 Minute of Activity Challenge. Don’t worry about what you have or haven’t done, just concentrate on what you’ll do today!

I’ll see you tomorrow for our last 30 Day Reset!