Week 2 Workout! We're rocking our cores this week with a 2 part workout!

Part 1: You Choose! You can do either the Beginner or Advanced Core Workout below!

Here's your 5 Minute Beginner Workout!

This 5 minute video is a great place to begin if you're just starting out or just getting back into strengthening your core. Only do what you can and skip what you can't do. You'll work up to it! 

Here's Your 8 minute Advanced Core Workout!

The video cuts off right at our tricep dips but never fear, simply continue on for 12 - 15 reps and then you're done!







Part 2: Do 1 - 2 sets of Push-ups!

Remember these from Week 1? You choose the version - at the wall, knees on the ground or a full push-up! They are all fantastic so choose the level that fits you!

When you finish your push-ups, stretch it out! You're done!






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