Back to School: Well-Being 101

Here's your Workout for the Week 4!

Each week, we've been focusing on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, agility, core work and balance. This final week we're introducing a yoga sequence that will also challenge our strength, core, flexibility and balance. There's a beginner and an advanced so please start with the beginner if you're new to yoga. lso, if you've never tried it, don't be scared of it. I think you'll be surprised at how great you feel and how accessible it is for everyone and all body types.

I'm challenging you this week to combine your workouts. For instance, Week 2 core work + Week 4 yoga sequence = Coretastic.  Or, Week 2 core work + Week 3 belly busting workout = power punch. Try to mix and match and keep your eyes peeled on your daily emails for specific challenges! Links to all are below:

Week 1: Arm, Glutes and Leg Workout                Week 2: Core Workouts              Week 3: Belly Busting Throwdown

Remember to go at your own pace. Stop if you feel discomfort or pain. And, respect how you're body is feeling each day.

The Morning Meditation and Yoga sequence is also included below and is available any time. And, you don't have to just do it in the morning! :) Whenever you have 10 minutes is a great time to do it!


Beginner and Advanced Yoga Sequences

If you're new to yoga or just returning, try the modified yoga sequence.

If you've done yoga before or even been in my yoga classes, this one is for you. Finish with the seated closing sequence.

Finish the Advanced Yoga Sequence with this 2 minute Closing Sequence.

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