Back to School: Well-Being 101

Here's your Workout for the Week 2!

There is a Beginner and Advanced. Feel free to mix and match if you'd like. Also, the workouts are based on approximately 10 minutes. If you have more time, run through them once, twice or 3x. 

Remember to go at your own pace. Stop if you feel discomfort or pain. And, respect how you're body is feeling each day.

Also, the Morning Meditation and Yoga sequence, included here,will be available any time. And, you don't have to just do it in the morning! :) Whenever you have 10 minutes is a great time to do it!


10 Minute Beginner Workout

 2. Alternating Knee Taps

2. Alternating Knee Taps

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 Wall Push-Up!

Wall Push-Up!

1. 60 Seconds: Walk or Run in Place

2. 60 Seconds: Alternating Knee Taps

  1. With your core engaged, alternate lifting one knee up. Place 1 hand on a wall or chair for balance while you build your strength and balance.
  2. Be sure to not allow your hips to pop out to one side or another.

3. Come down on to the ground and continue with the Beginner Core Workout Video.

4. After completing the video, come back to your feet and continue with your Wall Push-ups. Try for 1 set of 15 - 30 push-ups. Go slow and stop when you're fatigued. 

  1. Come to a wall with your arms underneath your shoulders. If you were to draw a line from your shoulder to your hands, your shoulder would be slightly higher. 
  2. Engage your core. Keep squeezing your glutes and legs towards one another to help keep your core engaged. 
  3. Maintain a straight line from your head to your tail bone. In other words, don't allow your back or shoulders to round.
  4. Inhale. Lower yourself down to the wall. Come down far enough so that if you placed your fist underneath your nose, you'd touch. But, don't allow your head to come in front of your body. Keep your head in line with your spine.
  5. Exhale as you push yourself back to the top of the push-up. 
  6. Simply see how many you can do while maintaining good form.
  7. TIPS:If you have shoulder or wrist issues, be sure to start with a wall push-up to take some pressure off of your wrists and shoulders. Also, if you're unable to come down to fist level, just come to wherever you can until you strengthen your muscles. 

5. 60 seconds: Alternating Knee Taps

6.  15 - 30 Wall Push-ups! 

7. 60 seconds: Walk or Run in Place, gently slowing your pace down.

8. You Did it! Follow it up with the Daily Stretch if you have time!

10 Minute Advanced Workout


1. Begin with the Weekly Core Workout Video. A few things to keep in mind. I'm not a pro-videographer.

  • To support this fact, the video cut out on the last 2 exercises. So, when you get to the end, simply continue to do 15 - 30 tricep dips as demonstrated. Be sure to keep your elbows drawing toward each other and not allow them to point outwards. If this is too tough, leave your hips on the ground while you dip.

2. When you finish the video, continue right on to your modified or full push-ups. Go for 2 sets of 15. 

  1. Come down to the earth with your arms under your shoulders. Your knees are either on the ground or extended in a full push-up.

  2. Engage your core. Squeeze your glutes and legs together and push your heels back to help maintain your core. Make sure your shoulders are drawing in and down your back throughout the movement. In other words, they are not rounding.

  3. Inhale. Lower yourself down to fist height on the ground. If that's too tough in the beginning, try a wall push-up or come down as far as you can while maintaining your form.

  4. Exhale. Push yourself back up to the top of the push-up. 

  5. See how many you can do while still maintaining good form.

3. Give yourself a pat on the back! You did a great job! 

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