Welcome back to Reboot!

Today, we’re thinking about the Shoulda-Woulda-Couldas in Life!

As we’ve been cruising through our Reboot Boot Camp, if you're like most people, you had some days where you knocked it out of the park and some days where your day and goals just didn’t quite go as planned. This is probably because you’re human!

So what do we do on those days so that we don’t get derailed, defeated or feel demoralized? Watch our for your should-woulda-couldas in your head.

There is no greater drag on our energy and our moods than the shoulda-woulda-couldas that we can constantly churn over in our heads. What’s an example of a shoulda-woulda-coulda?

  • “I should have taken that job 20 years ago that would have changed the course of my life"

  • “If only I would have said no to that marriage proposal, I wouldn’t be divorced”

  • “I should have gotten up early yesterday, I could have packed my lunch and worked out”.

  • “I should do my steps but I don’t feel like it.”

  • “I would be in such a better place if I hadn’t done that.”

  • “I should have changed years ago but now it’s too late”

  • "I would've hit that goal if I hadn't been so lazy"

All these statements have one thing in common. When we say them to ourselves, we tend to feel powerless and drained of energy. The only thing we know for sure is that the events in the past can’t be changed. And, we really don’t know what another path may have held. But each day, we can make choices to create the type of day we want and the future we desire. We have a clear slate with each new dawn.

So what do we do when we hear those voices in our heads? 

Instead of beating yourself up with regret, simply think about the event and then think about what worked, what didn’t and take some lessons that can help you as you go forward. An example of is the following: “I didn’t get my steps yesterday. Thinking back, I sat too long at my computer. Today, I’m going to set a reminder to get up and see if I can improve my steps.” Doesn’t this leave you feeling empowered?

Today, I challenge you to take whatever learnings that you can and then release the past and release your shoulda - woulda-couldas. Then, simply move keep going forward towards the future!

Ready? Set. Go!

Don’t forget to keep on track with our Week 2 Goals - Fruits, Veggies, Sleep, Steps, and Workouts! Need some recipe ideas? They’re here!


You can loop back to our Weekly challenges here! Keep up the great work! I’ll see you tomorrow! Here’s your Step Challenge of the Week:

  • Beginner: 6, 000 steps

  • Advanced: 11,000 steps !

Don’t forget to keep track of your progress!

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