Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 12 - Spring Clean Your Chargers

Remember last week when we worked on finding a place for our keys? This week, we’re focusing on chargers and cords! Technology has brought us many things, including "charger clutter"! Just like with our keys, we’re going to try and establish a spot where the chargers go. A great way to build a habit is to just keep putting the charger, keys, cords etc back in their “spot”. When you find them not in their spot, make a conscious effort to put them back. Before you know it, you’ll have created a habit.

Alright, let’s get started.  

Tools required: A box, an empty drawer or a nice organizing box.

  1. Mark your container of choice, "chargers". Then, go through your house and gather all of the chargers and put them in one place. This will cut down on "charger clutter" .

  2. Recycle. If you're like most people, you'll likely find chargers to devices you no longer own. Recycle these. 

  3. Mystery chargers and cords. Not sure what devices they belong to? Set them aside in a separate box for a few weeks. If you don't reach for it, you probably don't need it and you know to send it to recycling.

  Set the timer for 10 minutes. Ready? Set. Go!

 Good luck! See you tomorrow