Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 13 - Spring Clean Your Piles

I often tell the story about a client I once worked with who wanted to lose weight. Pete (not his real name) had been really struggling and frustrated at his lack of success. Through our coaching sessions together, we realized that a lot of his eating was happening because he was avoiding piles in his office. In fact, the piles in his office made him so anxious that he’d go get a snack to calm his anxiety. So, we worked together and created a plan to rid his office of the piles. In the end, the stress and avoidance eating wasn’t needed. He lost 15 pounds!

So, today, we’re all heading to our most anxiety provoking pile and kicking it to the curb.

Choose a pile of paperwork or do a general sweep of your home and look for magazines, newspapers, mail, receipts, catalogs, etc that need to be tossed.

  • If you have paper bills, put bills in one pile and then bring them to your desk or wherever you pay bills. Write the bill's due date on the outside of the envelope and place them in the order that they have to be paid.

  • Catalogs: Either recycle them or, if you want to browse, put them in a pile near where you relax or watch TV. If you haven't looked at them in a few days, toss them. You'll get another catalog soon.

  • Coupons: Don't save the whole piece of mail or catalog. Just take the coupon out and throw the rest in the recycling container.

  • Credit card offers or other sensitive material: Have a shredder nearby or create a pile for the shredder. 

  • Have a hard time parting with magazines or newspapers? Keep in mind that there will always be more news tomorrow and most articles can now be found online. So, if you toss an issue and want to see an article again, you can always Google it. No need to hold on to an issue. 

Grab your recycling container and shredder and let's do this. 

Set the timer for 10 minutes. Ready? Set. Go!

See you tomorrow!