Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 14 - Spring Cleaning our Thoughts

Think of how many thoughts you have per day. Now, think of how many of those thoughts are the same thought. And, how many of those thoughts are negative? It’s estimated that 95 percent of our thoughts tend to be the same thought and 70 to 80% are negative. Yikes.

Sadly, we also tend to believe the negative ones more than the positive ones. Why? There was a time when negative and fearful thoughts tended to help our survival by keeping us safe. This was great when we were running from bears but this is not needed as much now when we’re sitting in traffic today. This predisposition to believe the negative has a term , “negativity bias”.

We also know through MRIs that negative thoughts stimulate the areas of the brain that promote depression and anxiety and positive thoughts help create hormones throughout the body that result in feelings of calm and peace.

So, how do we help ourselves spring clean our thoughts? Follow these 3 steps.

  1. Recognize that a thought is just that. ….a thought. It’s not necessarily truth.

  2. Step back and question the thought. Is it real? Is it a fear? Where is it coming?

  3. Remember, you do not have to believe every thought you have.

    • You can choose to not believe a thought.

    • You can choose to acknowledge the thought and let it go.

    • You can choose to simply think something else.

    • You can choose not to react to a thought. A thought is just a thought.

As you move through today, notice your thoughts. Observe them. Create space between yourself and your thoughts. Notice how this allows you to be more in control of the thoughts as well your reaction to them. Then, notice how you feel.

Happy spring cleaning!

See you tomorrow!