Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Boost the happy each day with 1 of these 2-Minute Habits

Today, we are looking to spring clean negativity in our days and boost our happiness levels each day with these 2 minute happy boosting habits.

Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, recommends these 3 evidence based habits that can boost our happiness levels. He also states that no matter what your genetics, your age or your environment, these habits can actually stimulate a more optimistic mindset. The best part is they only take 2 minutes. Try picking 1 and create a habit for the rest of our program then see how you feel at the end.

  1. Pick 3 new things that you’re grateful for each day. With this habit, you simply look for 3 new things each day that made you happy. But, instead of just saying, “I’m grateful for my partner”., you have to be very specific. A more specific statement would be something like, “I’m grateful that my partner and I were able to talk over a glass of wine today. I felt like we were able to connect for just a few minutes in our crazy day.” By being very specific, we help our brain set a new pattern of thinking.

  2. Write about a positive experience. For 2 minutes each day, describe very specifically a positive experience that happened within the past 24 hours. Simply use bullet points to write down each detail you remember. think of one positive experience that’s occurred during the past 24 hours. Bullet point each detail you can remember. Why does this work? Achor says this is because our brains do not differentiate between visualization and actual experience. So, by doing this exercise, we double this meaningful experience in our brain . After 21 days, our brain our brain starts connecting the dots for you.

  3. Acts of Kindness

    Achor states this last habit is the most powerful. For two minutes each day, start your day by writing a two-minute positive e-mail or text praising or thanking one person you know. Do this for a different person each day. Not only do people who do this boost someone else’s day but they usually receive great texts and emails back. They also have a high score on the social connection scale. Social connection is one of the biggest factors in long-term happiness.

Try choosing one of these habits to do each day until the end of our program and notice how it feels like you’ve cleaned out some negativity in your life.

See you tomorrow!

*Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage