Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 2 - Embracing Wabi Sabi.

Today, we’re spring cleaning our thoughts. Our thoughts create an emotion which creates an action. They can fill us up with energy or drain our energy depending on what they are. As we move through Spring Clean Your Life together, notice your thoughts. There may be a tendency to think that things need to be perfect to have completed the program or even stick with it. There may be a time when you think that you want to just give up on trying to improve things because you feel like things will never be perfect. Or, maybe you wonder if your house will ever be perfect or perhaps if you or someone else will ever act perfectly.

I’d like for you to consider the Japanese term, wabi sabi.

Loosely translated, wabi sabi is a way of living that celebrates the profound beauty of imperfections, the impermanence of life and the even the incompleteness of things and life. Often at a Japanese tea ceremony, there will be a crack in a cup or other imperfection to illustrate this way of living. There is always beauty in the cracks, the imperfections, and and in things getting older, including ourselves.

How does this apply to our day to day lives? Take a look at thoughts or judgments that you may have about yourself, your life, your home or maybe other people as well. What does it feel like if you apply this concept of wabi sabi to your thoughts? What does it feel like if you view yourself and your life with the concept of wabi sabi? I’m guessing that everything feels a LOT better! Try to embrace this same way of living and recognize that there is beauty in imperfection and celebrate the here and now. Give yourself permission to celebrate your wonderful, imperfect self!