Welcome back to Reboot!

How did your pile takedown go yesterday? Today, we’re rebooting distracting thoughts and emotions and THEN Challenging Our Balance!

“Feel it. the thing that you don’t want to feel. feel it. and be free.”
— Nayirrah Waheed

Remember last week when we talked about listening to how you talk to yourself? Today, I also want you to notice what you're feeling and perhaps what you don't want to feel.

We all have emotions that we'd rather not feel. But, the truth is that the more we try to push emotions aside or ignore them, the more powerful they can become, the more distracting they can become and the more of our energy can be drained. By acknowledging what we're feeling, we take the power out of it.

Your challenge today is to acknowledge and release. Today and everyday, whether it's a thought or an emotion, let yourself feel it. Note it. Find it interesting. Then, release it and simply let it float away like a leaf floating away on the tiny ripples of a calm lake.

Reboot Balance Challenge

Use this skill of acknowledging and releasing thoughts as you challenge your balance in this video! Since a clear mind is important in our balance, you’ll notice how you lose your balance when you’re distracted. An analogy for life, right? See if you can make it to 30 seconds on each side.

Ready? Set. Go!

See you tomorrow!


You can loop back to our Weekly challenges here! Keep up the great work! I’ll see you tomorrow! Here’s your Step Challenge of the Week:

  • Beginner: 7.000 steps

  • Advanced: 12,000 steps !

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