Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 3 - 3 Tips to Save Time and Energy

Remember, we’re not just spring cleaning our closets but we’re spring cleaning our habits too.

Here are 3 tips to help you save time, energy and get you where you’re going faster.

  1. Where does it belong? How often do we spend time looking for our keys, our phone or something else essential to our day? This will take time but, once you do it, you won’t think twice about it. Choose a place that your keys will always go. Choose a place that your phone will always go. This way when your ready to head out the door, you don’t have to go look for it or remember where it is. You are now relying on “the habit” to accomplish this task rather than using up valuable energy.

  2. Use a bag within a bag. If you have a big bag and are always searching for things that fall to the bottom or end up in different pockets, grab a smaller makeup bag or simply have a small holder within your bag. This seems so simple. But, you’ll be surprised how much easier this makes life. Toss your keys and lip gloss in it and establish the habit of putting your essentials in it.

  3. Be realistic at your departure time. I used to be late….a LOT. Not only did it increase my stress levels but it also wasn’t fair to whomever I was supposed to meet. I stopped trying to do “one last thing” before I left. It would be there when I got home. And, I also started to set a departure time by simply figuring out what time I need to arrive and how much time I need to realistically set for the trip. Voila! I have my departure time. Again, this reduces stress and saves valuable energy. And, since I know exactly where my keys and cell phone are, I can get out the door on time!

Try 1 or all of these today and throughout our program together and see how you feel!

See you tomorrow for our next tip!