Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 6 - What do your shoes look like?

We’re spring cleaning our shoes today! Most people have a shoe “pile” somewhere in the house. Your shoe "pile" may be in your closet or by your door. The shoes may be stacked neatly but still feel overwhelming. Or, your shoes may be an unruly mess greeting you every morning before you even walk out the door. 

So, let’s show those shoes who’s boss. First, grab 2 empty bags. Then, pick a "pile" of shoes and sort them. 

  1. Which shoes do you wear every day? 

  2. Which shoes do you wear sometimes? 

  3. Which ones were a great deal but turned out to be a form of torture for your feet? 

  4. Which ones will most likely never to be worn again?

  5. Which ones are your sentimental pair? In other words, they are impractical to keep but something precious to you. i.e. the ones from your wedding, graduation, first date, etc.

If you like to keep shoes by the door, keep only the shoes that you wear everyday. Since you and everyone in your household only have 2 feet, this pile should be small. The rest go to a closet.

Now look at your shoes. Knowing there is a limited amount of real estate in our closets, which ones aren't worth your shoe real estate? Be honest. 

If you're sentimental, limit yourself to 1 - 2 sentimental pairs. 

For the ones that will be moving to a new home, put them in a bag for good will and bring it to your car. For the ones that are really beat up, put them in the trash. For ones that are like new, you can also look into online consignment stores like Poshmark and ThredUp.

Alright, shoes, here we come. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Ready? Set. Go!

Good luck!