Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 7 - Spring Cleaning Your View

Have you ever noticed that when you see candy, cookies or other treats sitting on your counter that you suddenly want to eat them? You may suddenly have a craving for them even though you didn't have a craving right before you saw them. This is a great example of how our environment can impact our choices. 

 Since, we tend to eat what we see. Today's challenge is to remove those not so great food choices from our line of sight. When possible, we'll replace them with better choices. Take 10 minutes today and look around your kitchen, living room, family room, your office, etc for anything that will make you crave something that may not be the best choice or for something that you can't resist when you see it. For instance, if you find yourself saying, "When I see that candy bowl, I just can't resist the candy.", then replace the candy with some nuts or start storing spare keys in the candy bowl instead of candy. 

 Let's get started! The following are some areas to look out for during the challenge:

  1. If you do nothing else, put out a fruit bowl. When we see a bowl of beautiful, fresh fruit, we usually eat it!

  2. As you look in your kitchen cupboards, fridge and on your counter tops, what do you see? Is there anything that immediately makes you hungry or you can't resist? If yes, put it out of sight. 

  3. We often have leftover chocolates or candies around the house from entertaining or from gifts. If you have these and can't resist them, put them in freezer, the back of the closet or simply give them away. 

  4. Look in your fridge. Put the fruits and veggies front and center instead of stashing them in the produce drawer. You won't forget about them this way and you'll be much more likely to snack on them and cook with them. 

  5. Look in your cupboards. Move hard to resist items to the back so they are not the first thing you see when you're looking for a snack.One study found that we're 3x as likely to eat the first thing we see than the fifth. So, we'll put the healthiest options in front.

  6. Do you have a cookie jar? Try emptying out the cookies and replacing them with something more nutrient dense to snack on or just leave it empty. You can also just put the cookie jar away and free up some counter space.

  7. Are snacks in clear containers? We're much less likely to snack on something if we don't see it. Consider using opaque containers to store hard to resist items.

  8. Put smaller plates and bowls front and center in your cupboards so that you reach for them first. Smaller plates, bowls and glasses help us control our portion sizes without even thinking about it.

Set the timer for 10 minutes. Ready? Set. Go!

I’ll see you tomorrow! We’re spring cleaning our cortisol levels and our homes tomorrow!