Welcome back to Spring Clean Your Life!

Day 9 - Spring Cleaning Your To Do List

First, take a deep breath.

Pause at the top of the breath.

Then exhale.

Repeat this 3 times.

Now that you’re feeling easy like a Sunday morning. Let’s take a moment to reflect.

Last Sunday, we talked about the concept of Wabi Sabi, seeing the beauty of imperfection. We also talked about energy drains, energy boosters and the importance of reducing stress. Today, I’d like you to look at the things that are on your to do list today and for the upcoming week.

Then, I’d like you to be honest with yourself. Is everything absolutely necessary? What would happen if you don’t do some of the things on your list? Would letting some things go open up you or your schedule to do something else that fills you up? Or, does allowing something to “not be perfect” free up some time in your day to exercise, sleep or maybe just catch your breath?

Remember, things don’t have to be perfect to still be good. You don’t even need to do this exercise perfectly :) Simply do your best and be realistic about what is important and necessary.

If you find yourself struggling to remove something from your to do list, ask yourself, “what is my fear?” Once you’ve identified the fear, ask yourself, “If I were to put that fear aside, what would I do?” Usually when you answer these questions honestly, you’ll find your answer of whether something is worth doing.

Good luck! Remember, if you haven’t dropped me a line or contacted me to chat about things are going, try to do it today or tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!