HealthyHolidays: 2 For 1 Foods

People ask me so often for healthy recipes that I’ve actually pondered creating a cookbook! And, one of the questions that I get the most is, “I like the idea of having leftovers that I can have a quick meal from but I really get sick of leftovers. How can I prep a meal ahead of time without it feeling like leftovers?” My advice is to prep ingredients not meals. In other words, cook foods that can be for a dual purpose!

Also remember, while everything’s cooking, you can grab a quick workout!

Week 4’s 2 For 1 Food - Quinoa

While technically a seed, quinoa is considered a grain! It’s also packed with protein and a good source of iron, fiber and vitamins and minerals. And, if you remember, it’s one of our foods that can help boost our immune health during the holiday season. This is a must to prep and have ready to roll in your fridge, especially during the busy holiday season!

Option 1: Quinoa can be made simply with just water. Or, you can punch up the flavor with lots of additions. Quinoa is great to prep at the beginning of the week on Sunday. So, you can make quick meals through the week. You can add it to grain bowls, salad, or serve it along side salmon or chicken.

Option 2: One way that’s always popular is to Quinoa with Garlic, Pine Nuts and Raisins. You can always use slivered almonds instead of pine nuts. Another option is to make stuffed butternut squash with quinoa and chick peas. If you’ve been wanting to try some more plant based meals, this is one to try. It may look complicated but it’s pretty simple and you can always use your own spices that appeal to you. Feel free to get creative!

Option 3: Serve it along side this One Pan Chicken.recipe. Hint: the recipe says to marinate for 45 minutes but you can also just marinate for whatever time you have and then pop it on the pan. :)

Week 3’s 2 For 1 Foods are Chick Peas and yogurt.

Roasted chick peas are not only great as a snack but can be part of a meal too. You can eat them just tossed on a salad. Or, you can punch up the flavor by roasting or sauteing them.

Part 1: Roast the chick peas. This recipe calls for smoked salt but you can use any seasoning. Just follow the basic outline! I’ve tried curry, chili pepper, mexican seasoning mix, sumac, lime and vinegar, and a host of other spices. They’re all great! You can also toss them in a pan and saute Chick Peas if your’re in a hurry. You can’t go wrong with either method.

Part 2: Use those same chick peas on top of a salad, with your favorite grain as part of a grain bowl or you can toss them quinoa to add some flavor.

Yogurt is one of the fermented foods that you we talk about so much. Buy plain yogurt or non-dairy yogurt. You not only reduce the amount of sugar but it’s also most versatile.

Part 1: Simply create a yogurt parfait for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Add in cinnamon, a little honey (so you control the sugar), slivered almonds for some crunch, chia seeds and some blueberries. This is a bowl of an immunity boost!

Part 2: Use that same plain yogurt and create this Mustard Chive sauce for use with your favorite white fish. Honestly, this sauce could NOT be easier and it is delicious!

Brussels Sprouts, Salmon and Squash x 2

Part 1: Here’s a quick 1 pan Honey Soy Salmon Dinner. The beauty of 1 pan is meal is easy cooking and easy clean-up. And, this meal is so easy that it can be cooking while you’re doing other things around the house. You’ll also notice that we’re using some of our immune boosting foods in this dish!

Part 2: For tomorrow’s lunch or dinner, simply take the vegetables and toss them on a bed of spinach (or greens that you have on hand) for a tasty lunch. If you have any salmon left, toss that on too. If not, you could add a hard boiled egg or some nuts for some extra protein. You’ll have another meal in about 5 minutes!

 Provencal Tomato Gratin over Orecchiette

Provencal Tomato Gratin over Orecchiette

Tomato Gratin x 2

Part 1: Ina Garten has a great recipe for Provencal Cherry Tomato Gratin. Sounds fancy but it’s so easy! I make it even easier by using store bought bread crumbs so you don’t even need the food processor. The ingredients are put together in a matter of minutes. Serve this dish packed with vitamin C and the antioxidant lycopene along side your favorite protein.

Part 2: Cook up some orecchiette pasta. Warm up the leftover tomato gratin and simply spoon it over your pasta. Drizzle a little olive oil on top if you’d like and drizzle some lemon juice to wake up the flavors. That’s it! Dinner or lunch is served. You can also use quinoa or chick pea pasta if you’re wanting to punch up the protein.

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Now, while everything’s cooking, grab a quick workout!