What's a Plié Squat?

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  Plié Squat

Plié Squat


Plié Squat

1. Begin in a standing position with your feet right under your hips. Engage your core. 

2. Now, take a wide step out with both feet with your feet turned out slightly. Make sure your tailbone is pointing towards the ground.

3. Inhale and gently lower your hips down toward the ground. Keep your shoulders over your hips as much as possible.

4. Hold for 1 -2 seconds.

5. Exhale as you squeeze your glues together, push your heels into the floor and push back up so that you're standing tall as in Step 2



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  Plié Squat With One Foot Raised And A Pulse

Plié Squat With One Foot Raised And A Pulse

Plié Squat with One foot Raised

  1. You'll follow the same instructions except when you come down into the plie squat, remain there. 

  2.  Without returning to standing, lift your right heel and pulse 16x. Pulsing means to raise your hips about 1 - 2 inches and lower back down again.

  3. Lower your right heel and lift the left heel. Pulse 16x.

  4.  Return to your standing position