Time to Burn off that turkey and pie!

Let's get moving today!

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Beginner Turkey Throwdown

  1. Walk in place: 1 minute

  2. Modified Jumping Jacks (Stepping your feet out instead of jumping): 30 seconds

  3. Chair Squats (engage your core, stand in front of chair and pretend you're going to sit down, just before you hit the seat, return to standing): 30 seconds

  4. Wall Pushups: 30 seconds

  5. Walk or run in place: 30 seconds

  6. Cranberry Lifts: 

    1. Take 2 cans of cranberry sauce (1 in each hand) or light weights. Engage your core. With your thumbs pointing to the sky, lift arms from your hips up until their level with your shoulders. Hold them there and pulse your arms 16 times..

    2. Still holding the cranberry sauce, now place hands in front of your thighs and lift them to shoulder height and pulse 16 times.

    3. Repeat for about 1 minute.

  7. Toe taps: Stand in with your feet a little wider than hip width, tap your right toe to your left toe and then tap your left toe to your right toe. Repeat for 1 minute

  8. Wall Push-ups: 30 seconds

  9. Stepping Up: Go up and down 2 steps with a solid pace: 1 minutes

  10. Chair Squats: 30 seconds

  11. Cranberry Curls: Engage your core.  Use your cranberry cans or weights.  Begin with your hands in front of your thighs with your palms facing up and then curl the cans up toward your shoulders.: 30 seconds

  12. Walk or Run in place: 30 seconds

  13. Cranberry Curls: 30 seconds

  14. Cool down by walking in place at a slow pace until your heart rate comes down below 100 beats per minute

  15. Stretch it out! High Five!!

 Crazy Turkey Throwdown - Advanced version

  1. Walk/Run in Place: 60 seconds

  2. Crazy Turkey Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds

  3. Squats (keep your knees in line with your ankles): 30 seconds

  4. Push-ups (Modified or Full): 30 seconds

  5. Squats: 30 seconds

  6. Turkey Plank Series

    1. Plank(Modified or full): 30 seconds

    2. Side Plank(Modified or full): 10 seconds on each side (20 seconds total)

    3. Repeat twice

  7. Plié squats: 30 seconds

  8. Plié squats with left foot raised: 30 seconds

  9. Plié squats with right foot raised: 30 seconds

  10. Rear Lunge With Arms: 60 seconds (video below)

  11. Run or walk in place: 60 seconds

  12. Crazy Turkey Jump Squats: Come into a squat, jump up and return to a squat: 30 seconds

  13. Turkey Toe Taps:  Stand with your core engaged. Lift your left leg and then touch your left toe with your right hand. You'll have a slight twist in your upper body.  Repeat on the other side. : 30 seconds

  14. Push-ups (Modified or full): 30 seconds

  15. Run or walk in place: 30 seconds

  16. Slow the pace down to cool down.  Look for your heart rate to be under 100 bpm.

  17. Stretch it out!  High Five!!

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