Here’s Your First HealthyHolidays Workout!

Grab 5 or 10 Minutes! 

Here are 3 exercises that work all the muscles most of us want to work - arms, chest, glutes, and legs. You don't have to be in your workout clothes. You don’t need a gym. You simply have to remember to engage your core with each exercise. When you play each video, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your audio. Each one is simply the exercise. :) Also, if you feel any pain for some reason simply stop. For the 10 minute version,you’ll spin through this twice. For the 5 minute, simply do this once.

Ready? Set. Go!

Warm-Up for 1 minute by walking or running in place!

1. 15 Push-ups at the wall or on the ground

Engage your core. Imagine that you're pulling shoulder blades down into your back pockets. You can either do the push-ups at the wall or on the ground with your knees up or your knees on the ground. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you push-up. 




2 .15 of each of the 3 exercises.

Make sure your hips are back and your back is straight. Core is engaged throughout the entire set of exercises. Be sure to not let your standing leg and hip pop out to the side. You can also do this with your hands on a chair in front of you for balance.

If these are too tough, just come back to your basic squat. Or, if balance is a challenge, do these standing straight with a chair in front of you.





3. 15 Tricep Push-ups at the wall or on the ground. 

These are tough so work up to 15!

Shoulder blades are still pulling down toward your back pockets. Core engaged. If you’re at the wall, make sure your elbows point down to the ground throughout the exercise. Fingers point up to the sky. If you’re on the ground, keep your elbows pointing toward your toes and squeeze them in toward your ribs throughout the exercise. Your knees can be on the ground or off the ground.

Have more time? Run through it again! You'll be happy you did!

High five!


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