What's a Plank and Side Plank?

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1. Come down to the ground with your knees under your hips and your arms directly under your shoulders. Or, come to the wall with your arms just below your shoulders.

2.  Engage your core. Squeeze your glutes together.

3. You have 2 options depending on your strength. 

  • If you're just starting out, start at a wall or tree. Walk your feet back until you feel your core working.

  • If you're feeling stronger, then step the right foot back and then the left and you're in a plank.

  • If you're feeling somewhere in the middle, simply keep your knees on the ground and walk your hands forward until you feel your core kick in.

4. Keep your shoulders pulling down your back so they don't round. Be sure that your hips stay in line with your shoulders. Do not let them pop up or drop down.

TIPS: Be sure to keep your shoulder blades drawing down your back so that your shoulders are not rounding. Also, you should not feel this in your back. Be sure to keep your core engaged and your glutes squeezing toward each other to protect your back. 


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  Side Plank

Side Plank

Side Plank


  1. Start in tabletop. Your arms are directly underneath your shoulders and your hips directly over knees. Push your arms into the earth.If this is too tough on your knees or wrists, try it standing up and use the wall.

  2. Engage your core.

  3. Inhale and roll on to your right arm and outer edge of your right foot. Imagine that you are a plank of wood turned on its side. Reach your left arm to the sky. Make sure that there is a long line that runs from your right hand to your right shoulder and on up to your left hand.

  4. If that's a little tough, slowly roll on to your right arm and your right knee. You can turn the bottom portion out slightly for balance. Your left leg is straight.

  5. Keep your hip bones stacked on top of each other.

     TIPS: Be sure to keep your shoulder blades drawing down your back. Also,         don't allow your body to come forward or sway back. Imagine that you are           literally a plank of wood that someone turned on its side.