30 Day Reset! : Let's Hit the Reset Button Together!


30 Day Reset! : Let's Hit the Reset Button Together!


We’re hitting the reset button for 30 Days!

Are you trying to get back to your old routine? Or, are you trying to figure out a new routine? Or, maybe you’re in a routine but you’re just not loving it. We’ll hit the reset button together! We’ll work together to help you boost your efficiency, physical activity, sharpen your stress coping skills, and find ways to boost the joy and calm in your days even when things seem overwhelming.

Come join me for 30 days as we work together to create the life you’re craving. Just like the trees begin to shed their leaves in the fall, you can shed whatever habits you’re not loving and work to add some that will love.

For 30 Days, we’ll work to create the big or little changes that you crave, set goals and just give you a boost each day to help you feel your best. 30 Day Reset! combines a weekly check-in with your coach, weekly goal setting, and a daily email with an efficiency boosting or calm inducing tip.  

30 Day Reset! begins on Sunday, September 23rd!

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How does it work? It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. How’s Your Well-being Wheel? At the start of 30 Day Reset!, you'll answer a few questions to help you look at your overall well-being. From this, you’ll set 2 types of goals - a weekly goal and a goal for our 30 days together. Don't worry, if you're not sure what you want to do, you'll have a few ideas after the first day. And, yes, you can change a goal at any time.

2.Sunday Check-in. Each Sunday, you’ll check-in with yourself and with your coach about your goals. You may find you need to adjust them or create new ones. You’ll have the option of doing 2 of your check-ins with a live (10 minute) coaching phone call. These are optional but sometimes there is nothing like talking live.

 3. Awesome Booster Tip of the Day. For 30 days, you’ll receive a daily email with a no-stress, awesome booster, tip of the day to help you boost the calm in your day, boost your productivity or just help you feel a little bit better each day. On the days that you receive a meditation, you'll have an audio file to bring along with you. 

 30 Day Reset! runs from Sunday, September 23rd – Monday, October 22nd.