The Ultimate Spring Forward! Package for Women


The Ultimate Spring Forward! Package for Women


Want to take Spring Forward up a notch with more one on one coaching? This is the same program as Spring Forward! but with 4 (30 minute) health and wellness coaching sessions to really have you getting down to business!

Spring Forward is for all the ladies in the house!

As women, we go through so many transitions in a lifetime. Some are within our control and some are completely outside of our control. Sometimes, nothing external has changed but yet we find ourselves seeking a missing ingredient in our days or struggling to juggle everything our plate. Wherever you may find yourself, spring is a time of renewal, new life and a new start. And, just like the cherry blossoms that return every year but are never the same twice, you are unique and awesome!

For 30 Days, Spring Forward! will help you jump into spring by asking questions to help you make big or little changes that you crave, set goals and just give you a boost each day to help you feel your best. Spring Forward! combines a weekly check-in with your coach, weekly assignment, and a daily email with a stress reducing tip or meditation. 

Spring Forward! begins on Sunday, April 22nd!

*Sorry guys, this program  is tailored for women! You can, of course, join but you may feel that some items don't speak to you. 

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Here's how it works:

1. Set Your Goals. At the start of Spring Forward, you'll answer a few questions to help you set a weekly goal and 1 goal for our 30 days together. Don't worry, if you're not sure what you want to do, you'll have a few ideas after the first day. And, yes, you can change a goal at any time.

2.Sunday Reset. Each Sunday, you’ll receive a a longer email or, if you prefer to listen to it, you 'll have an audio file to listen to as you run or drive. We're all busy and no one wants to be at reading at our computers longer than we need to each day. This will be between 5 and 10 minutes but the effects will last all week.

 3. Awesome Booster Tip of the Day. Monday – Friday, you’ll receive a no-stress, awesome booster, tip of the day to help you boost the calm in your day, boost your productivity or just help you feel a little bit better each day. On the days that you receive a meditation, you'll have an audio file to bring along with you. 

 4. Weekly Check-InEach week, you’ll have a 30 minute health and wellness coaching session with your coach to help you get down to business even faster with one on one attention and greater accountability. You'll check in with your coach about how you're feeling, your goals and what you're noticing as you go through the program. 

 Spring Forward! runs from Sunday, April 22nd – Monday, May 21st.