Spring Clean Your Life!


Spring Clean Your Life!


After a long winter, we’re all ready to get moving and reset this spring! So, just like we clean out our closets and decide what to keep and what to toss, we’re going to spring clean our lives.

For 30 days, we’ll work together to review our day to day lives.

  • We’ll look at what habits we want to keep and what we want to toss.

  • We’ll look at ways to let go of things that may be draining us of energy and increase habits that boost our energy and concentration each day.

  • We’ll work to boost foods that help us feel good and let go of foods that don’t.

  • We’ll even work to be mindful of our thoughts which, let’s face it, can really make or break our days.

  • And, yes, we’ll even work to spring clean our homes and offices! After all, what would a spring cleaning program be without a little spring cleaning?

You’ll also have your very own coach to help you stay on track with your “spring cleaning”.

Come join the fun! Spring Clean Your Life starts on Saturday, March 30th!

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Here's how it works:

1. Spring Clean Saturday. Each Saturday, we’ll review 1 - 2 key areas of our well-being. such as physical activity, feel good foods, our concentration and organization, energy boosters vs energy drains as well as the environment around us. We’ll think about what we’re doing well, what we’d like to improve and what we’d like to let go of as we head into the spring. One of these will include a home spring cleaning challenge.

 3. Awesome Booster Tip of the Day. Each other day, you’ll receive a no-stress, awesome booster, tip of the day to help you boost the calm in your day, boost your productivity, do a quick clean or just help you feel a little bit better each day. On the days that you receive a meditation, you'll have an audio file to bring along with you. 

 4. Weekly Check-In. Each week, you’ll check in with your coach via email on how you're feeling, your goals and what you're noticing as you go through the program. You also have the option of doing your check-ins with a live (10 minute) coaching phone call. These are optional but sometimes there is nothing like talking live.

 Spring Clean Your Life runs from Saturday, March 30th - Sunday, April 28th.