HealthyHolidays Begins November 19th!


HealthyHolidays Begins November 19th!


Did you remember to put YOU on your holiday list this year? Join HealthyHolidays™!

 During the holiday season, we’re often so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. And, when we don't eat well, don't exercise and feel stressed, we end up feeling less than festive.

Make this year different! We’re bringing back our 4-week online program HealthyHolidays to help you boost the happy, reduce the stress, eat well, and keep you moving this holiday season.

Here are just a few of the highlights of our HealthyHolidays! program:

  • 2 For 1 Foods - Learn how to prep one food that you make 2 different meals from each week

  • 1 Weekly HealthyHolidays Challenge designed to keep you feeling good

  • A Daily Dose of Calm in your Inbox

  • Tips to enjoy the holiday treats without overdoing it

  • Immune boosting foods

  • 10 Minute Weekly No-gym required Workout

  • Weekly 5 minute Meditation

  • Tips to Boost Gratitude and Joy this holiday season

  • Weekly Food Journal Challenge

Wondering how HealthyHolidays works?

  1. Making Your List. At the beginning of the program, you’ll create and clarify your HealthyHolidays goals. These can be as big as traveling around the world or as small as taking 5 minutes each day to enjoy a cup of coffee. They are your goals so they are whatever will make you feel good.

  2. HealthyHolidays Weekly Challenge. Every Monday, you’ll receive your HealthyHolidays challenge for the week. Hint: The challenge will be designed to keep your waistline in check, your stress down and your body strong.

  3. HealthyHolidays Checklist. You’ll receive your HealthyHolidays checklist. This not only serves as a reminder of your weekly challenge but also a place to track your progress.

  4. Weekly Check-in. You’ll check in with your coach via email or by phone/google hangout with your progress on your holiday goals. Since this is the holidays and you’re on the go, a 10 minute live option is offered each week during this program.

 Healthy Holidays: $125

 HealthyHolidays runs Monday, November 19th to Tuesday, December 18th.

 “Loved this program! It helped me to focus on eating only what I really loved and not everything in sight.” – Someone who had a Healthier Holiday because of this program

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