Reboot Boot Camp™ Starts Sunday, May 26th!


Reboot Boot Camp™ Starts Sunday, May 26th!


You don’t have to be a kid to go to camp!

Reboot your wellness style this summer with our 4-week Virtual Program, Reboot Boot Camp™ !

So long winter! Reboot is back!

We’re rebooting your well-being with our 4-week Reboot Virtual Boot Camp! This camp is like having a wellness coach, personal trainer, organization coach and nutritionist all in one.

Have a summer wedding coming up? A vacation involving a bathing suit on the horizon and you want to feel toned up? Or, do you just want to shake the winter off? May is the perfect time to get ready to enjoy the summer! 

We often hear the following: “Help! don’t have any time. And, I don’t know what changes to make. What can I do to feel good and get back in shape?” Reboot Boot Camp is designed to answer this question!

Here are some of the reviews from last year's Boot Campers:

  • "The positive tone (never judgemental, always encouraging) and the different levels of exercises. I felt like I could do it and that I was challenged, but not to the point of being frustrated. I felt a "can-do" spirit about the whole thing. The weekly check-in was helpful. I loved the recipes. (I'm making one tonight.) I thought it was fun to try new exercises. There was always something new. "

  • "This was just what I needed to make a fresh start after a pretty challenging time."

  • "I would definitely do this again - the steps challenge, getting in one big workout per week, keeping better track of what I'm doing, making small changes and being more mindful about what I'm eating, the activities I'm doing, and how much rest and social interaction I'm getting. My biggest take-away is just being more thoughtful about my choices. I'm so glad I did this!"

Join the fun! Reboot Boot Camp begins Sunday, May 26!

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Here’s how it works:

1. At the start of Reboot Boot Camp, you’ll talk, google hangout, or email with your personal coach and set your 3 goals. They are your own goals so they can be whatever will make you feel good. 

2. Each Sunday, we’ll have our camp “meeting” and you’ll get your 3 challenges for the week. One of the challenges will be your 10 minute workout. Don’t worry, there’s a beginner and a more advanced version of each exercise so there’s something for everyone. The other 2 challenges will focus on your sleep, healthy eating tips, meal planning, organizing your morning or lowering your stress. You’ll also receive your weekly step challenge. We recommend using an activity tracker like fitbit, the step tracker on your phone or an old school pedometer.

3. Tuesday – Friday, you’ll daily challenge will arrive in your inbox. This could be anything from a surprise round of push-ups to a well-being booster. We’ll also be shining the spotlight on summer foods and recipes.

4. Each Monday is the day we check in with each other. You and your coach will connect via email or text on all your news (well maybe not ALL of it), and your progress on your goals and challenges. You have the option of doing your check-ins via 10 minute telephone sessions or google hangouts with your coach. You don't have to take advantage of this but you may be amazed at how effective it can be.

5. Reboot Boot Camp runs from Sunday, May 26 to Monday, June 24th.. The last step is to enjoy how great you feel!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I join with a friend? Yes! Yes! Yes! Life is always more fun with a friend!  

  2. Do I have to have to check-in with my coach? You certainly don’t have to check-in. But, as a member of another online coaching program once wrote, “Knowing that my coach would be emailing me to find out how I was doing really encouraged me to pay attention to the program and succeed!”  Accountability helps all of us achieve our goals!

  3.  Will I look like I did 20 years ago at the end of the program? We get this question a lot! Everyone’s different. We can’t promise exactly what will happen but we’re pretty confident that you’re going to feel better!

  4. Do I have to buy an activity tracker or pedometer? You don’t have to but they are a really powerful tool in weight loss and well-being. And, you’ll get the maximum benefit from the program!