Fall Cleaning 101 - Is Clutter Standing in the Way of Your Well-Being?™


Fall Cleaning 101 - Is Clutter Standing in the Way of Your Well-Being?™


Fall is the perfect time to ditch those things that are holding you back or weighing you down. We all have those areas in our home that just make us feel tired when we look at them. Lets take them on together!

 You'll have 21 challenges - some big and some little- designed to help you tackle clutter, overflowing closets, and those spots you hate to clean. All of these areas can have a real impact on your health and well-being by increasing your stress levels and reducing your energy levels and productivity. This combination can leave you with less time and energy for healthy behaviors like exercising or cooking a healthy meal.

 If your treadmill is currently being used as a clothes rack, the piles on your desk are causing you anxiety, your kitchen is so cluttered that you just order out or you put off getting some exercise until the house is clean, then this program’s for you!

Fall Cleaning 101 begins Saturday, September 22nd!

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Here’s how your Fall Cleaning 101 works:

  • Each week, you’ll receive 3 (10 minute) mini-challenges via email.

  • You’ll get down to work each weekend with a clutter-busting weekend challenge. Set aside 60 minutes for this challenge.

  • Each week, you'll report your weekly progress via email to your coach.

  • You will also have 2 (10 minute) check-ins by phone that you can choose to use at any point during the program. These are optional but sometimes there is nothing like talking live.

  • Fall Cleaning 101 runs from Saturday, September 22nd to Sunday, October 28th.

  • Don't worry, if you're away for some of the challenges, just let your coach know and you'll adjust your plan.