How long can you forearm plank for?

Welcome back to Reboot Boot Camp! 

How did you do yesterday with your water consumption?

Isn’t it funny how this one simple healthy booster can need a reboot sometimes? Keep this habit up throughout camp.

Today, we’ve got a Reboot Boot Camp Core Throwdown!

Simply follow along the forearm plank video. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, see how long you can hold a forearm plank and mark it on your tracker so we can compare your time through the program! And, of course, tell me :)

Ready? Set. Go!

Don’t forget to keep up our weekly goals too!

  1. If you didn’t do your 10 minute Weekly Workout yesterday, click back to our Workout Studio here!

  2. Eat 5 - 7 servings of veggies, including a cruciferous beauty.

  3. Get 30 minutes of moderately intense activity

  4. Get your steps!

Don’t forget to mark off your progress on our tracker!


Step Challenge of the Week:

  • Beginner: 5, 000 steps

  • Advanced: 10,000 steps

You can loop back to our Weekly challenges here! Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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