Welcome to Spring Clean Your Life!


For 30 Days, we’re going to spring clean our minds, bodies and homes!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Saturday Reset. Each Saturday, you’ll receive your 60 minute spring cleaning home challenge and your mind and body spring cleaning challenge.

  2. Awesome Booster of the Day. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a tip of the day or challenge of the day. 3 of these will be spring clean your home challenges.

  3. Weekly Check-in. Each week, we’ll “talk” via email or you can schedule a live 10 minute coaching call with me. You choose which method works best for you and your lifestyle.

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Let’s get started!

Spring Clean Your Life - Challenge #1

Today, we’re focusing on boosting on energy! So many of us are feeling tired and drained and wanting to just “feel better”. So, naturally, our first order of business is to take a look at how our energy is and a few steps we can take to boost it. More energy will help us achieve all of our goals.

I highly recommend grabbing a pen and paper and writing down your answers. The power of writing it down is extremely powerful.

  1. During a typical day, do you experience highs and lows in your energy level? When do you notice them?

  2. How do you typically cope with them?

  3. How often do you experience the following energy boosters? Simply answer “Yes”, “Sometimes” or “Not often at all” to each of the categories below:

  • Sound Sleep             

  • Recommended Amount of Sleep (6.5 - 8 hrs of sleep)

  • Regular Exercise                                      

  • Healthy Eating Habits   

  • Activities that you find relaxing or fun         

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight           

  • Healthy and Optimistic Mindset   

  • Healthy Work Relationships 

  • Healthy Family and Personal Relationships  

  • Healthy Finances                             

  • Job Satisfaction or fulfilling Activities   

  • Clean and Organized Living Space

  • Ability to Concentrate and Focus

  • Other:                                                             

4. Look over that list and notice if anything stands out for you. Pick one area that you want to improve. Now choose one habit associated with that area that you’d like to toss. Tossing this one habit is your first spring cleaning challenge!

5. Depending on the habit you’re tossing, you may need to replace that habit with a better one. If your choice requires a replacement, choose that your new habit now. Be sure to write this down and place it somewhere you’ll see it.

Wondering what habit I’m tossing? Mine has to do with my concentration.

Habit: When I pick up my phone lately to do something, I look at my notifications on my phone which usually sidetracks me quite a bit. Then, after a while, I realize I still didn’t do the very thing I picked up my phone for in the first place. I waste too much time and have to then work to get focused and concentrate. This just drains precious energy.

New Habit: First, I’ll review my notifications and shut any off that I don’t need. Second, when I pick up my phone, I’ll first do the task I need to do. Then, if I still have time, I can look at notifications , instagram, news, etc.

Feel free to use my spring cleaning habit swap!

Remember by spring cleaning our energy draining habits, we’ll work to make time and energy for more of what we want in life. Now that we’ve tossed a habit, let’s get to work spring cleaning our homes.