Welcome to Spring Clean Your Life!


Just in case you need an overview, here are the basics.

For 30 Days, we’re going to spring clean our minds, bodies and homes! You’ll find all of our past Saturday Resets and Daily Boosters here too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Saturday Reset. Each Saturday, you’ll receive your 60 minute spring cleaning home challenge and your mind and body spring cleaning challenge.

  2. Awesome Booster of the Day. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a tip of the day or challenge of the day. 3 of these will be spring clean your home challenges.

  3. Weekly Check-in. Each week, we’ll “talk” via email or you can schedule a live 10 minute coaching call with me. You choose which method works best for you and your lifestyle.

Remember, if you have any questions, simply drop me a line!


Spring Clean Your Life Review

Saturday Reset #1 : Energy Boosts and Energy Drains, 60 Minute Cleaning Challenge

Day 2 - Spring Clean with Wabi Sabi

Day 3 - Spring Clean Your Life - 3 Tips to Save Time and Energy

Day 4 - Spring Clean Your Life - 10 Minute Clutter Buster

Day 5 - Spring Clean Your Colon

Day 6 - Spring Clean Your Shoes

Day 7 - Spring Clean to Change Your Home and Change Your Cravings

Saturday Reset #2 - Spring Clean Your Brain and 60 Minute Spring Clean Your Bedroom Challenge

Day 9 - Spring Clean Your To Do List

Day 10 - Spring Clean Your Stress Levels with Food

Day 11 - Spring Clean Your Receipts

Day 12 - Spring Clean Your Charger Clutter

Day 13 - Spring Clean Your Piles and Maybe Lose Weight

Day 14 - Spring Clean Your Thoughts

Saturday Reset #3 - Spring Clean Your Stress Symptoms and a 60 Minute Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Day 16 - Spring Clean with Forest Bathing

Day 17 - Spring Clean Your Life with 2 Minute Happy Boosters

Day 18 - Spring Clean Stress with Your Breath

Day 19 - 10 Minute Spring Clean Takedown

Day 20 - Spring Clean Your Mail Pile

Day 21 - Spring Clean Your Phone and Put Time In Your Day

Saturday Reset #4 - Spring Clean Your Heart and 60 Minute Clean of Your Most Avoided Area

Day 23 - Spring Clean Your Day with Gratitude

Day 24 - Spring Cleaning Inflammation

Day 25 - Spring Cleaning Runaway Thoughts

Day 26 - Spring Clean Junk Drawer Challenge

Day 27 - Spring Clean Paper Push

Day 28 - Spring Clean Your Bathroom and National Drug Take Back Day

Saturday Reset #5 - Spring Clean Finale and 20:40 Spring Clean Challenge