What Do I Do With This? 


Grab that shredder, recycling container, trash bag and some file folders. File it or toss it.  Not sure what to keep and throw out, here's a great guide from Consumer Reports.


Electronics, discs, computers, old cell phones, CDs,etc

These items can really pile up simply because we don't know what to do with them. If you find these items and you're at a loss of what to do with them, don't just leave them there. There are great places in our communities that will recycle them or dispose of them. 

  1. Target, Home Depot Best Buy, Staples and Mom's Organic Markets will accept items like old printer cartridges, batteries and other items for recycling.

    1. Most post offices offer pre-paid envelopes for ink cartridges.

    2. For more on this and also how to wipe "clean" devices memories, read Proper resting places for old electronics

  2. Decluttr is a place that will value and buy some of your old CDs and electronics.

Children Artwork


Are you overrun with your favorite young Picasso's artwork? Save the best. For the other pieces, consider taking pictures of the artwork and then making a photo book. I can't take credit for this idea but the finished product was pretty cool.

Books and Toys

Whether you're a child or an adult, we all have toys and books. The same rules apply here. We only have so much real estate to store items. So keep the items that mean the most to you. Bring some happiness to others by donating the items you no longer want. Or, depending on the toy, consider selling it. Bookfinder.com can help you figure out the value of a book. Consider donating to local libraries and charities. 

Photo Cards

Do you still have photo holiday cards that you feel badly tossing?: Take a picture of them with your smart phone and make it the profile picture for that contact in your phone.

Clothes, Bags, Belts, Shoes, Jewelry

Goodwill and local charities are great ideas! If you have items that are still quite good, you can always try a consignment store or an online consignment place like Poshmark or ThredUP. I use them. You simply sign up, they send you a bag, you fill it up and drop it off at the post office. They do the work. 

Also, check out this article about ideas for what to do with everything!