Welcome to your 30 Day Reset, Awesome Booster!


Here's your Sunday Reset - Week 1

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Whoo hoo! Welcome to Week 1 of Spring Forward!

I’m Laurie and I’m your coach for the next 30 days! Together, we’re going to reset and spring forward feeling great! Here’s how it works. Each Sunday, we’ll have our Sunday Reset – we’ll check-in and talk a bit more in-depth about a subject important to our well-being. And, each weekday, you’ll hear from me with a quick boost for the day to help you feel or be a just a little more awesome than you already are!

I created this program because after years of coaching so many women through so many of the changes we go through in our lives, I wanted to create something to help more women who are trying to find their balance.

And, of course, who better to create a program like this than another woman! I get it. We go through so many changes, some we choose and some we don’t. And, I’ve definitely had my own struggles when life just wasn’t where I thought it would be or I just felt like something was missing.

In fact, there was a time in my life, maybe more than one actually, but one that I distinctly remember. During this point in time, I was waking up every morning, looking around and thinking, “ugh….I hate my life”. There was a sadness there definitely. But, even worse than the sadness, I was angry at myself for feeling such a resignation that this was just how it was going to be. That thought…that feeling that nothing was going to change…THAT depressed me more than my morning greeting to myself.  Of course, as quickly as the thought came to my mind, I would immediately begin to beat myself up having the thought, I'd tell myself why I should be grateful for everything I have and how I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking it. And, then there was of course,  “the classic” “don’t you know how lucky you are?”. Review those last few sentences and then loop them in your head for a few minutes. Listen to the circle of emotions that I had already managed to create before I’d even gotten out of bed and had my coffee. I was exhausted and the day hadn’t even started. What’s striking is that nothing had changed around me. I had simply created a flurry of emotions all by myself at the crack of dawn. If you’re like most women, you’re familiar with the swirl of thoughts at dawn.

Wondering what happened next? What did I do when I felt like the life I had wasn’t what I had planned on? I started making tiny but powerful changes. I started narrowing things down in my world. What am I not satisfied with? What am I satisfied with? What did I think life was going to be and am I disappointed in how it is? It’s okay to feel that disappointment. In fact, most people feel it at some point if they’re being honest. What’s not okay is to stay in it. After all, where’s the fun in that?

Back then, the next step I took was to get moving. When I had that emotion, I wasn’t quite as clear as I am now about what my body and mind need. I just knew that if I didn’t move my body, my mood would suffer. I now consider cardio activity to be like a well-being prescription:  45 min/day, 3 x per week or more. When I skip, man, do I feel the effects. The time that I take is worth it in the time I get back! The next step I took back then was to tend to my emotional health. Yoga, meditation, walking outside, getting a coach, getting a therapist, connecting with friends, or connecting with a partner are all examples of tending to our emotional health.

The third thing that helped me back then and continues to help me today is knowing that even a minor shift can make a difference. We never know what that tiny shift in our behavior or mindset can and will open up for us. Back then, I started paying attention to the words I used and how I talked to myself. I noticed that I would have never talked to anyone else the way I talked to myself. As I made all of those tiny changes back then, gradually, I felt stronger and I began to change. And, here’s the interesting part, not much had changed in my life but I woke up feeling stronger, happier, happier with my relationships and excited for the future. The change was completely in me! And, with that, things started to then change around me.

So, as we get started today, I want you to look at your life, listen to your thoughts, your words, and pay attention to how you move through each day. You may even want to take a few notes. We’ll talk more about what you noticed next week.

For now, I’d like you to sit back and simply think the different aspects of your well-being. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being “ugh, do I really have to think about this? ” and 5 being “I am rocking it!”, rate how you’re feeling about each area.:  

  •  Physical Health –  Do you feel strong? How's your energy? How is your balance? How is your cardiovascular and heart function? How is your agility?  If you have an illness, take this into account. In other words, do you feel as good as you can with a new set of circumstances? 
  • Emotional Health – Do you feel like you’re able to cope with stressors? Do you feel fulfilled? How is your resilience? How is your focus? 
  • Intellectual Health – Do you feel challenged? Are you mentally stimulated?
  • Community and Spiritual: Do you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you have a group you feel a part of? Do you have a purpose? Do you feel connected?
  • Environment – How is the world around you? Your home? Is it cluttered? Your community? Is it loud? Safe? Do you live in a place where there is a high level of toxins?
  • Financial – Are you mindful of your expenses? How much do you know about your finances? Do you plan for the future? Don’t worry, your health here isn’t necessarily judged on how much money you have but rather how you manage what you have. Believe me, this is almost a universal stressor!

Now, without judgement, I want you to think about what comes up for you when you think about ways to improve in each area. List them in no particular order, with no judgement, just whatever comes into your head. If you’re listening to this on audio and driving, obviously keep your hands on the wheel and just think about it. Write it down when you’re at your destination. I have also included on the website a circle graph worksheet that is another great tool for exploring areas to tweak.

After you’ve done this exercise, simply sit back and review what you wrote. What’s something you’d like to work on this week? Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything. Simply choose one to three achievable things. For example, don’t say I’m going to clean out my entire house. Maybe instead simply pledge to spend 5 minutes cleaning up a corner of your desk each day. Or, maybe if you’re a new mom, I’m going to take a shower every day. Maybe you want to get moving but need a little help. Commit to finding a 5K to train for so that you’ll have a date on the calendar. Again, little changes can set big change in motion

An example of those little changes making a big difference is a couple of weeks ago every time I sat at my desk, I felt uninspired and couldn’t wait to get up. Honestly, my work was starting to be affected. But, I bought a cute plant full of life that now sits on my desk. And, you know what, I now love sitting at my desk with my happy plant. Sounds silly but this small little change made a big difference!

I do have one goal that I’m going to give you this week. When you wake up, I want you to start your day by telling yourself one thing that you love about you. Did I see you roll your eyes? Come on, just do it! The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one we’ll ever have and we want it be a good one!

And with that, you now have your goals for the week. You’ve created 1 to 3 goals and I’ve challenged you to start your day with a good word. You’re ready to roll. Whatever you want, I want you to have that too. And, I know you can do it. You’ve got this!

Alright you fabulous woman, get out there and rock today! I'll see tomorrow with your morning boost!