Welcome to your 30 Day Reset, Awesome Booster!

Here's your Sunday Reset - Week 3

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Whoohoo! Welcome back! We’ve been Springing Forward for 2 weeks now! And, I’m sure you’re starting to have some pretty powerful insights about yourself! Don’t worry, even if you’re sitting there thinking , ‘well sort of but I feel like I haven’t even had time to think’. Never fear. This week’s Sunday Reset is for you!

First, before we get started, take a minute to go over your goals from last week and just check in with yourself about where your thinking is now. What are you noticing? How are you doing with your goals? If you completed them, awesome! Grab that circle graph and create some new ones! If your goals are more about establishing new habits, note how you’re doing, celebrate each time you achieve your goal and know that you can always refine them as needed. That’s how we figure out what truly works for us!

In our first Sunday Reset together, we looked at our overall well-being. Then, last week, I challenged you to really pay attention to your thoughts. What did you notice about your thoughts and their effect on your mood, energy or even your body? Are there any changes that you made or that you want to strive for going forward? If so, be sure to note them on your circle graph.

Our Sunday Reset this week is all about paying special attention to the noise all around us and how we can work to be more present and focused each day.

Have you ever noticed that do some of your best thinking in the shower? There’s a reason for that. There are generally few distractions.

We are all pretty much bombarded with noise each day. Maybe we have actual noise in our environment or maybe the is noise is coming from other people’s opinions, thoughts, the news, our emails, our texts, the tv, your kids, your partner, your parents, your colleagues, your friends, clutter and the list goes on. None of these things are necessarily bad. They just can all add up to us feeling scattered and unfocused.

So here’s the question, how do we find peace and be present with ourselves and with others in our hyper-connected world?

Everyone’s answer will be pretty different to this question. The first key to answering it is to think about what you need for you. Is it meditation? A yoga class? 5 minutes of quiet each day? Time to read a book? Sketch? Play or grab a workout? Maybe you need need to simply put your cell phone out of view so that you’re not distracted by it? Believe it or not, research has found the mere act of having our cell phones within view can affect the quality of our conversations, our focus and reduce our cognitive ability on demanding tasks. Yikes, right? Cell phones can be pretty distracting and contagious. Have you ever noticed when one person pulls out their cell phone that the whole table tends to pull out their phones? I’ll freely admit that I’m not immune to this.

Think through your day. Where are some other times that you notice that you’re having trouble focusing? How present are you in your conversations? Are you planning out your day while someone is talking to you? Do you find that you’re listening to someone then responding? Or, are you listening to them but really just waiting until you can talk? There‘s a big difference. Don't worry. We all do this sometimes. The next time you’re in a conversation notice if you cut someone off before they’re finished, this is a big sign that you weren’t really listening but rather thinking while they were talking. If you find this happening, see what it feels like to really silence your inner dialogue and be fully present when someone’s talking. It can be pretty tough but the results are so worth it.

In your day, also notice how many times you pick up your phone.  Do you pick it up while you're in a conversation? Or, are you picking up your phone when you’re procrastinating or just have a free minute? Ask yourself if it was necessary or was it just a habit? Do you find that you go to google something and then, 30 minutes later, you realize that you still haven’t googled the very thing you originally went to google? Do you find that you immediately stop and pick up your phone when a text comes in or a notification dings? If you’re like most people, this is happening to you too. And, all of these things can add up to us losing valuable time in our day and reducing our ability to focus. And, this leaves us feeling pretty frustrated.

Generally speaking, women tend to be pretty great multitaskers. But, our focus can suffer! This week, I want you to really pay attention to your focus and how present you are in each day. Then, look for small changes you can make to be more present. Remember, the more focused and present we are, the more creative and efficient we tend to be with our time. And when our productivity increases, this can all add up to us feeling calmer and having more time and energy to do the things that mean the most to us.

So there’s your reset for the week! Be present. Be focused. Be even more fabulous than you already are! Who knows what else you'll be able to accomplish? I’ll see you tomorrow!