Welcome to your 30 Day Reset, Awesome Booster!

Here's your Sunday Reset - Week 4

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Can you believe we are at Week 4 of Spring Forward?! I can't! For 3 weeks, we've all been working on our goal of being just little bit more amazing today than we were yesterday! Sometimes, the results of our hard work are tangible as we achieve certain goals. And, sometimes, the results of our work may be hard to see but you can feel it! You know what you're achieving. Celebrate it!

As we connect today for our Sunday Reset, let's go through a few questions that will help you refine and clarify your thinking about what you're wanting for yourself. 

If you're seated, grab a pen and paper. Or, if you're listening to this, try to make some mental notes. 

1. As you sit back and think about all that you know about yourself, what's standing out for you now in terms of your goals? Are you seeing anything new that you're wanting for yourself?

2. Taking the answers above into account, is anything coming up for you in terms of your goals? Are there any changes that you want to make to your goals? 

3.If you do want to revise your goals, write down those revisions now on your circle graph.

4) Now, taking into account what you just wrote or thought, what's standing out for you in terms of anything you can do each week to help you achieve your goals?

As you think about these questions, don't stress about whether you did this exercise correctly. There is no right or wrong. This is all about you and what matters most to you. 

For our Sunday Reset, I do want to talk about one thing that often comes up as we make some changes. That thing is fear! 

Sometimes, we are very aware that there is a fear holding us back. Sometimes, we have a sneaking suspicion that there's a fear there but we can't really identify it. And, then other times, the fear can be pretty sneaky and hiding behind what seems to be a really logical thought. An example of this is "oh, man, life just got really busy so I think I'm just going to shelve working on my eating habits right now. I want to set myself up for success". That sounds really logical, right? But here's the question I would ask, "is there a fear there?" Often, the fear is "I'm scared that I'll fail."

Here's the most powerful question that I'm going to offer to you. Whenever you feel that fear popping up, ask yourself, "if I could put that fear aside, what would I do?" And, right there in your answer will be your next step.

We like to take the path of least resistance. We like to be comfortable. But here's the thing, when we want to reach, grow and make some amazing changes, you most likely will and, really should, feel some fear. It's totally natural! Fear means you're reaching past your comfort zone and about to discover an even better you. 

When I was in college, I wanted to learn how to sing. Did I know how to sing? Nope. Did I have any business joining the vocal class that I did? Probably not. But I did. On the second day of class, my professor asked each of us to get up and sing 'My country tis of thee'. I'm not kidding you. Each person sounded more amazing than the last person.  Admittedly, while I sat nervously listening, there was a little voice in my head saying, 'get up. it's going to fun to see what you can do." Of course, that voice was hard to hear over the louder voice praying that I could somehow become invisible and slide out of the class. Before I knew it, Professor Scroggins called on me with such excitement and said, "how about you?" I'd like to say I sounded amazing but I didn't. But, I survived.

When Professor Scroggins then told us there would be not one but two recitals. I again stepped up, faced my fear and I tried to drop that class not once but twice. My professsor was amazing though and he urged me to stay. And, to be honest, I wanted him to encourage me. There were 2 voices in my head. There was that brave little voice saying, 'do it. I wonder what you can do' standing up to the other very loud fearful voice saying, "Run! What are you doing here?". I pushed through it though. I sang not one, not two but three songs to an audience at those recitals. And, though I thought my heart may actually explode because it was pounding so hard from nervousness, I did it.

I'm still proud of the fact that I faced that fear! I surprised myself. I also was surprised one day in class when I was singing a duet with a girl who was an amazing singer. Professor Scroggins stopped us mid-song and I thought for sure that I had messed up. In my mind, I was the weak link. But instead I heard something, I never thought I would hear in a singing class. He said to the virtuoso next to me, "I need you to be more like Laurie". What?!? Yup. Apparently despite my lack of singing talent, he said I had an on stage vibe and personality that made the song! I will never forget it for many reasons. But one reason is that this is such a good reminder that we all have skills and talents that we take for granted. They make us unique. And, we all need to push through our fears so that they can can shine and share all of the amazing parts ourselves with people.

So here's my question to you for today and this week, what are you a little scared to do? If you could push that fear aside, what would you do? I want you to now put 1 thing on your circle graph that will get you a little bit closer to pushing through your fear.

Alright, you are amazing! Now, go out there and share all your gifts with the world. After all, we need you! 

I'll see you tomorrow!