Welcome to your 30 Day Reset, Awesome Booster!


Here's your Sunday Reset - Week 2

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You Are AWESOME! We've spent 1 week together and, whether you knocked your goals out of the park or you didn't even hit 1, you're learning a ton about yourself! AND, most importantly, you're showing up and that is something to celebrate.

Were you surprised just now to hear me say that we should celebrate even if you didn't achieve what you set out to do? Sometimes, we learn more when don't succeed than when we do. Look over your life. What were some of the most profound moments that taught you the most? I know for myself some of the most challenging moments also taught me the most. Think of tough conversations that you have had with your partner, spouse or maybe your best friend or colleague. They may not be fun in the moment but we learn so much from those tough conversations and, often, our connection becomes deeper. The same holds true with our relationship to ourselves.

Last week, I said how our relationship with ourselves is our most important relationship. We all have an inner dialogue with ourselves. Sometimes that dialogue is really funny, sometimes we say things we would never say to anyone else, and sometimes we have some tough conversations and realizations. When we listen and observe ourselves, we learn a lot that can help us become even better versions of ourselves.

Remember last week, I asked you to listen to your thoughts, your words, and pay attention to how you move through each day. And, I asked you to start your day by saying one nice thing about yourself. What did you notice? How did you talk to yourself? Did you notice how your energy ebbed and flowed and how it may have related at times to your thoughts? If you're like most women, you probably noticed that you can be pretty tough on yourself and you're filled with lots of complicated emotions and thoughts.

If you take nothing else from this week's Sunday Reset, I want you to remember that our thoughts are powerful! They affect our actions, our energy and our reality. Think about it, our thoughts produce an emotion and that emotion kicks us into action. If we keep thinking the same thing, we'll probably have pretty similar results. And, if we think negative thoughts about ourselves, we're probably not going to feel like setting the world on fire but rather, we'll feel like curling up in the fetal position. Again, our thinking creates emotion which creates action. So, we want our thoughts to be strong and we want them to be kind not only to ourselves but also to others. 

I also want you to remember that you do not have to believe every thought that you have. Question your thoughts. Reframe them. Reject some of them. And, remember, we often find what we seek. If you seek confirmation that everyone is terrible or everyone is a horrible driver, you're probably going to notice some pretty  horrible drivers and not so nice people. And, if you tell yourself things like "I'll never get ahead", "I'll never lose this weight", "I'm broke", "I"m lazy. I never want to exercise" , or "my house will look like this until the day I die", the odds are that you won't be motivated to make a change. I get it. It's scary sometimes to bet on ourselves and to believe in ourselves because, well, what if we're wrong? So, I ask you this, "what if you're wrong?" If you're wrong, you're wrong. Life will go on and you'll learn a ton. And, listen to me, you. will. be. okay! Now, I want to you to think about the flipside, "what if you're right?" What will it feel like to achieve what you're wanting? I want you to feel it, see it in your mind, and reflect on it when you feel some doubt.

Now take a moment and think about everything we just talked about today. Where is your thinking now in terms of what you're wanting for yourself over this week and over the next few weeks? And, what are you taking forward with you this week? Will you refine your goals? Do you need to create new goals? Whatever it is, write it down. I've included the circle graph worksheet again so that you can update it. 

In addition to continuing to work on your personal goals this week, I also want you to really pay attention to your thoughts. If you hear yourself say something negative to yourself or about others, pause. How can you reframe it? One example is if you just heard yourself say something like, 'oh well, I'm always late'. Stop and reframe it. Maybe you change it to something more like ,"Rats. I'm running late. Where did I lose time? I'll be sure to do things differently next time". See how the 2 statements feel very different. The first statement diminishes your power but the second one builds you up and empowers you to change and do better. Remember, you are not destined to be what you've always been and you can make changes at any time.

One quick story on that, I once had an 85 year old woman bound to a wheel chair start her first exercise program ever with me. And, she continued with me until she passed away. In one of our last conversations, she told me that she never would have thought that she could make a new friend at this point in her life. But she did! Think of the changes she made at 85 years old.

Whatever phase of life you are in, you get to create your own rules about what it will look like for you.  

There's a song that I love that speaks to all that we've talked about today - Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves. It's pretty catchy and I love the message! If you're out walking or driving and listening to this on audio, let that be the next thing you listen to :) 

Alright you fabulous woman, get clear on those goals, write them down and then get out there and rock today! I'll see tomorrow with your morning boost!