Welcome to New Year Better You Boot Camp! 

High five! It's Week 3!

Don't forget to check-in by dropping me an email or schedule one of your coaching sessions and we'll talk about where you are today after your first 2 weeks :)

In the meantime, here are your next set of challenges. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a a great day!


 Super easy Mini Frittatas!

Super easy Mini Frittatas!

Challenge #1: Add Protein to Your Morning Routine.

We're upping our nutrition game this week! This week, we're concentrating on adding a source of protein into our morning. In fact, while we're at it, let's try to incorporate a source of protein into each meal and snack.

Why are we concentrating on breakfast in particular? By incorporating a source of protein into our breakfast, we'll feel fuller longer, jump start our metabolism and keep our blood sugar more constant. This will also help us avoid a mid-morning sugar craving that may fall victim to a doughnut, muffin or other sugary snack. 

What are some good sources of lean protein for the morning? Greek yogurt, milk or non-dairy milks, eggs, nuts and nut butters are some good sources. Chia seeds and flaxseeds also have protein though chia seeds win the protein contest with approximately 4.7 g in 2 tbsp.

Wondering about bacon? Breakfast meats tend to be high in sodium and saturated fats so they aren't a preferred source of protein.

Wondering about how to add protein to your snacks? Spread some nut butter on your banana or apple. Or, dip some carrots or slices of whole grain pita into hummus. The beans in the hummus not only provide protein but also fiber. You could also grab some cheese or nuts. 

Want to really up the challenge this week? Try to achieve all 3 of our dietary challenges every day this week. Simply see if you can score a 3 each day by answering the following questions: 

1. Did you consume less than  24 g of added sugar/day (1 tsp- 4 g.?

2. Did I have 3 - 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day?

3. Did I consume a serving of lean protein with my breakfast? Bonus: Did I consume lean protein with each meal and snack?

The list is also on your weekly tracker! Good luck!


Challenge #2: Make a a Weekly and Daily Plan!

Something I hear people say often are phrases like "I hope I can workout this week?" or"I really hope I can eat better". These are great intentions. But, without a plan in place, the odds of success are pretty low. No one is going to do it for us. We have to make it happen for ourselves. The key to success is making a plan and....here's the key....putting yourself first on the plan.  Often, when we make our plan or to do list each day, we list things we have to do for everyone else first and we put our workout last. Admit it? I find that I do it too.

This week's challenge is to make a daily plan that starts with you. I know some people are laughing at this concept but think about it, if we're not strong and healthy, we will always be less effective, less efficient and not our best selves in everything else. If you have children, taking care of yourself is even more important so that you model to them how to care for themselves and you can be your best. 

Each day, I want you to create your plan for the next day. Remember, we did this last week to help us sleep better? This week, we're continuing the habit. Your plan should be super specific and carve out the time that you'll grab a walk, take a class or even just stretch on the floor while watching tv. Or, perhaps your plan sets up reminders in your calendar to drink water. Or, if cooking at home is a challenge, a plan will be what meals you're going to prepare for the week so that you can buy the ingredients on Sunday or even do some prep like cooking healthy grains ahead of time or chopping veggies. All of this preparation makes the implementation much easier and you'll be much less tempted to just call for take-out. To help achieve your 3 point challenge above, your plan may be to make breakfast the night before or maybe it includes creating healthy snack bags or healthy containers in the fridge, you'll be less likely to reach for the chips when looking for a snack.

In coaching, we often talk about what barriers are in the way of achieving a goal. If you had or are having trouble achieving a goal, think about what barriers were in the way. Now, make a plan to so that barrier is no longer an obstacle. For instance, if when you went to workout and you didn't have the energy to find clothes and decided to go back to sleep,  lay out all of your clothes for the week so that everything is right there for you. 

Sundays are a great day to plan out your week.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and sit down right now and make your plan for the week. Be sure to include your own New Year goal. Then, each day this week take a few minutes to plan out  the next day. By starting out each week and day with a plan, you'll be one step closer to managing your time rather than time managing you.


Up Your Workout This Week!

Challenge #3: Maintain your Daily 30 Minutes of Moderate Activity. Choose 3 days to increase to 45 minutes!

We've been working hard to carve out time to move each day. In our first week, we concentrated on finding places to move more in our days. Last week, we concentrated on making sure that we did 30 minutes per day of moderate activity. This could be done all at once or in 10 or 15 minute increments.

This week, we're keeping our 30 day minimum per day. But, we're upping the challenge. On at least 3 days, you'll increase it 45 minutes. You choose the days, you choose the activity. 

Need some ideas? Here are 2 workouts. One is for beginners and one is more advanced. Whatever you choose to do, have some fun! And, thank your body for all that it can do today!

Good luck with your 3 Challenges! Don't forget to check them off on your tracker.

I'll see you on Monday!

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