Welcome to Week 3 of Reboot Boot Camp! 

Congratulations! You're halfway through Reboot! How are you feeling? Have you learned anything about yourself or noticed anything new as you've attempted each challenge? We're building on each week's goals to help you be your best self each day!

Don't forget to check in with me today or tomorrow and let me know how last week went. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Ready? Set. Go!



Challenge #1: Boost Your Metabolism with 4 Daily Boosters per Day! 

Two questions I get a lot, "How can I have the metabolism I had when I was 18?"and "How can I get rid of this?" (as someone points to their stomach). 

While our 18 year old metabolism may be hard to replicate, there are things that we can do each day to give our metabolism a boost. You're going to start to notice how all of our Reboot challenges begin to overlap and work together to make us feel awesome! 

 Here are 10 Metabolism Boosters. You'll notice that you're already doing 

1. Cardiovascular and Strength Training Exercise: This is #1 for a reason! Not only do our bodies burn more calories during and after exercise, but building muscle also revs up our metabolism. Get at least 30 minutes per day of exercise. And remember, the bigger the muscle group, the more energy used. This fits right in to our original 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity a week. This booster is a non-negotiable in your day.

2. Drink coffee, green tea, or oolong tea (in moderation of course)! Not only are these drinks tasty and packed with antioxidants but they also give our metabolisms a boost. 

3. Sleep. Sleep deprivation has been shown to alter our hormones that control our metabolism and our glucose metabolism as well. Again, this is another non-negotiable in your day.

4. Drink water! Even a slight dehydration of 2% can cause our muscles to slow down their metabolism of energy and our bodies to suffer from fatigue, high blood pressure, weakness, injury prone muscles, headaches and dizziness. Not having enough water can also cause us to consume more calories than needed since we can often think we're hungry when we're actually thirsty! Wondering how much to consume? The Institute of Medicine recommends the following:

  • For women, consume 9 cups of fluid. A minimum of 4.5 cups of this should be water.
  • For men, consume 13 cups of fluid. A minimum of 6.5 cups of this should be water.

5. Laugh. Yup, the more we laugh, the more we burn. Call someone you can always count on for a laugh or put on a funny tv show. 

6. Spice it Up! Spicy foods such as capsaicin containing hot peppers can actually temporarily increase our metabolism after we consume them. If your eyes are tearing and you're sweating from the spicy food, you'll know your metabolism is revved up!

7. Eat some protein with each meal.  All foods require energy to process them and will give our metabolism a boost. But, protein has a slightly higher thermogenic effect. Protein also helps our muscles repair themselves so we'll get an added boost. Consume some healthy form of protein with each meal or snack. Think almonds, eggs, quinoa, chia seeds, fish, chicken, or soy. Note, a McDonalds Big Mac is not what I had in mind.

8. Eat a nutrient dense breakfast! Though there has been some breakfast controversy in the news lately. In general, a nutrient dense breakfast is like revving up our metabolism after it has slowed down over night. 

9. Ginger. I love love love ginger! Throw it in a stir fry or on top of fish while baking or grilling it. Or, you can simply slice some fresh ginger and put it in your cup of green tea. Ginger also is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

10. Stand Up! Remember, those 10 minute burst of activity last week. When we sit, our metabolism slows. When we stand up, our metabolism increases. If you need a little reminder, download the app, Stand Up, to remind you when it's time to get up.

These are 10 metabolism boosters. You don't need to stop at 4 each day! But, that's the minimum for the challenge! 

Your first challenge is practice 4 metabolism boosters each day!

Challenge 2: Eat 3 - 5 servings of Fruits AND Veggies each day.

Want to feel and look your best? Fruits and Veggies are the key.

We're building on the past 2 weeks of challenges and focusing on fruits and veggies. These beautiful and tasty products of nature are a great way to boost the nutrient dense foods and reduce the non-nutrient dense foods. In other words, when we're snacking on fruit or filling up our plate with veggies, we're less likely to be eating foods like candy or cookies that have little nutritional value. So, we accomplish all of our goals!

Fruits and vegetables are also nature's anti-aging products. They play a critical role in helping us feel and look fantastic. One reason why is they contain antioxidants and water.

What's an antioxidant? 

Antioxidants are what fight against the damage that free radicals (the byproducts of our bodies using oxygen) can cause in our bodies.  Antioxidants are what help to fight cancer, aging, arthritis, inflammation as well as the effects of stress, pollution and the sun on our bodies. They also help to prevent macular degeneration.

Where can you find antioxidants? Think brightly colored fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, tea, coffee, wine, spices, herbs and even dark chocolate.  Yup, I said dark chocolate! Today, we're concentrating on fruits and veggies. 

What's a serving of a fruit or veggie? 

In general, a serving size for medium apple is about the size of a tennis ball. For canned, frozen or fresh fruit or vegetables, a 1/2 cup is typically a serving size. For leafy greens, approximately 3 cups raw or a 1/2 cup cooked. 

What colors should you strive to eat each day?

Aim for the colors of the rainbow! Dark green, pale green, white, orange, yellow, red and purple are all awesome. With summer's arrival, there are so many beautiful and fresh local fruits and vegetables available. Remember, the sugar in fruit is not the same as added sugar because fruit is loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Enjoy!

Challenge #2 this week is to eat 3 - 5 servings of fruit and 3 -5 servings of veggies each day. 

Challenge 3: Socialize and play, at least, once per day!

Yes, you read that correctly! Greatest. Challenge. Ever, Right? I'm telling you to go have fun. And, since it's Memorial Day Weekend, it seemed like the right time to issue this challenge.

Research consistently shows that one of the biggest contributors to our health and happiness is spending time with people that we care about and who care about us. 

Research has shown that loneliness and social isolation has been found to not only be a risk factor for heart disease, slower recovery from stroke but even appears to promote inflammation. Interestingly, this increase in inflammation has been found to be even stronger for men.

Social interaction is a consistent thread among the Blue Zones around the world, the areas where people tend to live the longest and healthiest. It's no surprise that people tend to be happier when surrounded by happier people. When surrounded by less happy people, then tend to be less happy. In Okinawa, people typically have a Moai which is a group of about 5 friends who stick together through thick or thin. If something good happens to one, it happens to all. If something like a death or illness occurs, they all stick together to support that person. This helps to increase the entire health and well-being of the group.

Healthy choices are contagious. 

Healthier friends and loved ones also tend to help make us healthier. Think about how being around someone who makes healthy choices influences your choices? They inspire us to make healthier choices. And, we inspire others as well. You are a tremendous influence on your loved ones as you continue your Reboot healthy choices!

We not only feel better when we have quality interactions but we also tend to eat better when eating with others. This is part of the reason that #5 on Brazil's dietary guidelines is to "Whenever possible, eat in company, with family, friends, or colleagues."

Another big factor in reducing stress and boosting well-being is playing.

Yup, playing. Kids do it all the time. And, just because we've grown doesn't mean we should stop. You don't have to play with Legos to play though David Beckham says he does for stress relief. Play is very individual. All of the physical activity we've been doing through this program is play, You can color, watch a movie with friends, garden, or anything else that takes you away from your typical daily responsibilities. More on the benefits can be found here

This week your challenge is to have fun, socialize, and interact with others. Whether you live alone or with others, make plans this week for some quality time with those you care about. 

Remember, location doesn't have to be a barrier. Technology has made this challenge even easier. You can have lunch, dinner or even take a walk with a friend on google hangout or facetime. You may be surprised by how great it feels!

And, this challenge doesn't necessarily have to be a lot of time. A 15 minute coffee or a walk around the block may be a chance to connect with someone you can laugh with in life. It's not just quantity but quality. 

 Your third challenge is to socialize, play and have some fun at least once per day! 


Good luck with your 3 Challenges! Don't forget to check them off on your tracker.

I'll see you on Tuesday with your next exercise of the day!

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