About WellStyles

The idea for WellStyles was born in the late evening in a cubicle at a public radio station. The founder, Laurie Tucker, was working late again and trying to figure out how to balance health, wellness and life. Stressed, tired and resentful that life was running her instead of her running her life, she returned to school and created WellStyles.

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Change isn't easy. But, when we have a partner, change is much easier! Whatever you're wanting to make happen, we'll work together to help get you there. We help you recognize thoughts or patterns that may be holding you back and help you create new habits. 

One on one coaching and virtual programs are just some of the latest ways that we can help you create the change you're wanting.

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 WellStyles also specializes in health promotion programs for groups, organizations and businesses. Whether your group is in one place or scattered around, we help you build a healthy culture.

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