What is WellStyles?

WellStyles Consulting is dedicated to your health and well-being. We know that change can be scary. We also know that with the right coaching, education, and support, change can be exciting and possible!

Whether you're an individual or a group looking to make some changes, we listen to what you're wanting and help you make it happen.

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Individual Coaching

Small changes add up to big changes. Whether you may be looking to eat healthier, be more active or reduce your stress, we work with you to design small, attainable goals that will help you achieve your bigger goals. We also help you succeed by working with you to recognize what thoughts or patterns may be holding you back from your goals. 

Change is always easier when we have the right tools. One on one coaching and virtual programs are just some of the tools that we offer that can help you create the lifestyle you want.

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Creating Change For Your Group

 WellStyles also specializes in health promotion programs for groups, organizations and businesses. Whether your group is in one location or more, we can help you build a healthier culture that supports positive change.

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