The Wisdom of the Cherry Blossoms

Here, in Washington, DC, when the cherry blossoms bloom, they not only bring with them the feeling of spring but they also bring their wisdom. 

The cherry blossoms are beautiful, intense, and fleeting! They can easily be taken for granted by the people living closest to them. If you want to see them at their peak, you can't put it off for another day. You never know when a rain storm or a windy day can come and knock down the blossoms. So if you want to see them, even if it's inconvenient, you need to make time in your day. 

Did you already pick up on the wisdom of the cherry blossom? Like many wonderful moments in life, they are fragile and fleeting. The blossoms remind us every year that when happy and beautiful moments arrive in life, stop.... even when it's inconvenient ...and savor them. Don't take those moments for granted because a storm could come tomorrow. 

Take time today to notice those beautiful, happy and fleeting moments in your day. It may be having a coffee with a good friend, taking a walk with your partner, pushing a child on a swing, listening to the water on a lake hit some rocks, going for a run or a walk, or simply taking a minute to appreciate how the sun feels as it hits you. 

 Whatever is special to you, savor it. Watch your stress decrease.