Well THAT Went Fast.....

It's hard to believe but it's officially fall! 

Though I am always sad to bid farewell to summer, fall brings with it a whole new way of life. Old routines are back, new projects are ready to be started, apples are plentiful and closets are ready to be cleaned. And, if you've been wanting to start a new habit, I think fall is a fantastic time to do it.  

If you're starting to think about starting a new habit or bringing back an old one, my advice to you is to make a plan. No matter what we're trying to accomplish in life, we're so much more likely to accomplish it with a plan. Need a hand? Here are 3 steps to creating a plan and a habit.

1. Figure out the "What?" and "Why?"

If you're not clear on what you're wanting to achieve and why, the odds of creating and sticking to the new habit are slim. In other words, you'll likely be hitting the snooze button on day 2 of your new morning workout habit. Take some to clearly articulate your "what" and "why".

2. Create a plan. 

Take 10 minutes and create your plan for the week. For instance, if you want to cook healthy dinners at home but find that you end up ordering takeout at the last minute each night, map our your meals for the upcoming week and then create your shopping list. Knowing what you need to buy as well as what you'll be cooking will cut down on those last minute pizzas.

3. Implement, revise and repeat.  

There's a saying in the military, "no plan survives first contact." Meaning, you always need to revise. After you've tried your plan for a week, assess what worked, what didn't and how you can improve next week. 

That's it. Repeat as needed. 

Need a suggestion for a healthy habit? Eat an apple a day!

Wishing you a happy first day of fall!