What To Do When Life Throws You a Curveball

Sooner or later, life throws all of us a serious curve ball. 

 Sometimes, we know it's coming and sometimes it comes out of nowhere on a random, sunny morning. In those moments, taking care of our own well-being can be incredibly hard but is also critical so that we can be there for ourselves and those who may be depending on us.

 When a curve ball comes your way or the way of someone you care about, these 5 little steps can help make a big difference.

 Assemble your team.

Positions that need to be filled on your team include: someone you can call when you need to talk, when you need a laugh, or when you need someone to keep you on track. A friend, partner, spouse, doctor, lawyer, CPA, colleague, personal trainer, therapist or wellness coach are just some of the people that may be needed on your team. I actually have a lot of clients come to me during curve ball times. If you're feeling alone and not sure where to begin, don't be hard on yourself. Be brave. Simply call one person you trust and ask if they can help you find the resources you need. 

Also, think about anyone who does not add to your life at the moment. You may need to put them on the bench for a bit. It's okay. And, know that some people may surprise you and disappear. That's why "assembling your team" is your first step. If someone does disappoint you, don't dwell on it. Focus on those who are showing up with tremendous compassion. This will also surprise you!

Recharge. Sleep. Laugh.

However you recharge your batteries, do that. Some people need some time alone and some need the company of others, know yourself and let people know. If you just need to hear a friendly voice sometimes but don't have the energy to talk, let people know their voice or text messages really help. Find peace whenever you can. Sleep but know when you're sleeping too much or not enough. And, most importantly, laugh. Laugh whenever you can. Your body needs all of this to cope.


I know it may be tough. But take a walk, run or do anything to move. Optimally, get 45 minutes of cardiovascular activity at least 3 times a week. If this is too much for you at the moment, do 10 minutes/day of moderate activity. Research has shown that this is the equivalent of a mild antidepressant. When life is tough, exercise is like handing your body and mind a life preserver.

Rethink Comfort Food.

Sure, sugary and fatty foods are called comfort foods for a reason. We feel good for a minute. But, then we don't. Our bodies are actually comforted and sustained by consuming water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and Omega-3 containing foods like salmon and other fatty fish. All of these help to counter the effects of stress and boost our moods. Think of this like putting the right type of fuel in your car.

Find a mantra.

What will you tell yourself during tough moments? Sometimes a simple, "I will get through this" is all that is needed. Repeat as necessary.

I know none of these steps can change the direction of that curve ball. And, I'm hoping you don't currently need this list. But if you do, I hope it helps. If you need me on your team, just let me know. 

Sending you hope for a wonderful summer!