Before you Make that Guacamole, Read this!

Before you make that guacamole for your July 4th cookout, read this! We're talking avocados today!

First, here's the good news. Avocados are awesome! They help to counter the effects of stress by replenishing our B vitamins. They're packed with MUFAs(monounsaturated fats) which can help to lower our bad cholesterol(LDLs) and boost or maintain our good cholesterol (HDLs). They help our nails and skin look good. And, they even keep us feeling fuller for longer. 

Here's the bad news. With the increase in avocado consumption, doctors have been reporting an increase in avocado related injuries. Cutting an avocado can be tricky and injuries are resulting from the knife slipping and cutting tendons and ligaments in our hands. So, before you cut into your next avocado, check out this video from the California Avocado Commission. It's 44 seconds that could save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Now that you know how to slice that avocado, here's a great recipe for a party favorite guacamole!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!