What Can You Do in 2 Minutes?


Can you believe we're back in the swing of things? Schools are back in session, fall is in the air and everyone I know has a to do list that is growing way too fast! I've been hearing people describe feeling overwhelmed a lot lately.

Since we all want to be knock that to do list out of the park, here's your 2 minute trick. Scan your to do list. What can be done in 2 minutes or less? Instead of letting that item sit on your list or putting it off until a big task is finished, go do it now.

Two minute tasks are things like an email you need to send, a donation you've been wanting to make, an appointment you need to set or even something as simple as taking out the trash. They often linger and they often run around in our heads and cause us to say, 'oh man, I still have to do that.' You may be amazed at how good it feels to just knock it out instead of putting it off until later. You'll not only make progress on that to do list but sometimes that inertia is all you need to go and complete bigger tasks. Another bonus is knocking off those tiny tasks can feel like getting rid of mind clutter.

Now is the perfect time to start! What can you do in 2 minutes? Don't forget you can even grab a mini-workout in 2 minutes by alternating 30 seconds of squats with 30 seconds of push-ups or doing some nice stretches. 2 minutes can make a difference! 

Go grab that list and get started!