Sundays Are Perfect to Set Your Intention for the Week!

Sundays are a great day to restore and reset our minds and bodies for the week. And, since we're resetting our clocks today, take a minute to reset yourself. One great way to do this is to set your intention for the week.


When I teach yoga, I usually ask people to set their intention for class or for after class. This is particularly powerful because once we know what we're wanting from a class, from our day or from our week, we can then set about the steps to help us get there. An intention could be something like "I want to feel peaceful", "I want to quiet my mind" or maybe "I want to be able to be in the present and listen to those around me."

Give it a shot today! Shape each day by and your upcoming week by asking yourself, "What's my intention?" The beauty of this intention is that when things get a little crazy in your day, you can always come back to your intention to help you make choices that are true to it.

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