Small Change + Small Change = Big Change!

Are you ready to make some changes but not really sure where to begin? Maybe you know that you want to feel better but just feel a little stuck or unsure how? Oftentimes, when we feel like this, we end up setting the goal a little too high which can lead to disappointment and us just giving up in frustration. I really don't want this to happen to you!

I'm always a big believer in little changes adding up to big change. With each little change, you don't just make a change but you also remind yourself that you can do it! You feel empowered and ready to make another change! I love watching people realize how strong they've always been.

When someone wants to make a change, I always ask someone to think about they're wanting for themselves. How are they wanting to feel? From there, we build a goal that really fits. As you think about this for yourself, remember start small and in a way that matters to you.

Here are 5 small changes that can add up to bigger changes:

1. Use smaller plates and you'll instantly control your portion size.

2. Socialize more by making a plan to see a good friend once a week.

3. Pick 1 drawer in your home that you open all the time. Clean it out and reorganize it..

4. Do 10 Wall or Modified Push-ups and 10 Squats every other day.

5. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.

See how all of these seem small? I promise you that they add up and create inertia for other changes. If you like these ideas and want to go a little further, check out our online programs! They all build on the idea of small changes create big changes!