Was 2017 a tough year for you?

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. For many people, 2017 wasn't a very good year. I know of so many people in the WellStyles community who are dealing with loss and heartache as they enter 2018.

When you're dealing with challenges, loss, sickness and/or heartache, the 'happy new year' wish that we hear at this time of year can almost feel exhausting. After all, getting through 2017 was tough enough and 2018 already seems like an uphill battle.

If this resonates with you or perhaps someone you know, the best advice that I can give you is to take baby steps. And, repeat a mantra that gives you strength. Perhaps, it's "I will get through this" or "I'm strong". These 2 steps can help us handle each new challenge. 

Remember when life is feeling tough, simply think of one thing that you can do today, i.e. a baby step,that will feel like you're moving forward. It could be as small as listing 3 things that made you happy today or even organizing the fridge. These baby steps can feel great. Tomorrow, pick another small thing that you can do that feels good to you and brings you comfort. If it's something that you like, do it again the next day. This is how we build a habit. This is also how we get through those times when we wonder if it will get better.

Trust that It will. 2018 is here. I wish you peace in your heart and in each day.