Wondering how to bring that summertime vibe into the fall?

I’ve heard from so many people that they want to hold on to how they felt over the summer. For so many of us, we were able to get into an exercise rhythm, fine tune our healthy habits or maybe just turn down the noise a little and hear ourselves think. And, we don’t want to lose what we found!

As we wrap up our first “post Labor Day” week, take 5 minutes to answer 3 questions that may just help you bring that summertime vibe into the fall.

  1. What are some things that you want to hold on to from the summer?

  2. Name 3 specific things that you can do this weekend or next week to help you achieve them. Be specific. Instead of saying, I’m going to eat well. Rather, be specific and say that you are going to choose 3 recipes to make this week that hit all the right healthy eating marks for you.

  3. When life gets crazy busy, we can sometimes lose track of our priorities. List your top 3 priorities to help guide your decision making when making a daily plan or making choices each day. Hint: 1 priority should always be you! Your health, your body and your mind are essential to succeeding at everything! People are depending on you to make yourself a priority.

Alright, when you finish your questions, put them somewhere that you can see them each day.

If you need a little more help in getting organized and staying on track, we’ve got you covered with our Fall programs! I can’t wait to get started!

Now, I’m off to fuel my summertime vibe!